OH my!! This is soooo cute!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I need to wipe the dust off my sewing machine and make some of these!!

YES!!!! I would cut the tank to be just under your bust line and allow for 2X the measurement. When making the sash/belt you would just need it to be not quite as wide as you would not have as much room under your bustline, but This would be perfect!!! If you are brave enough to use a knit (stretchy) fabric for the dress even better!

Thanks!! I definitely will send you pics when I make one! I have an 18 month old daughter who is into everything so my sewing time is limited, but I am dying to make one of these so hopefully I will find the time soon!

LOVE this LeAna!! Soooo cute!! I wish it wasnt getting cold here soon! But definitely going to try this!!

Where did you get the fabric you used with the short dress? I LOVE it!!

where did you find that cuuute material for the long dress??

@ Anonymous:i found the long dress fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby.

I am so excited to try this! I am smaller so its hard to find these dresses that fit length wise!!

Ugh, I am having so many problems with the elastic thread. Thinking I might go with a band instead. Also, the skirt (long) looks huge! Is that how is looks before you get to the elastic part?

here is a little article that might help:http://heatherross.squarespace.com/sewing-and-trouble-shooting-wi/

hope that helps! let me know if you figure it out!

Thanks so much for the tips! So excited for this to work out! I am determined. LOVE your dresses!

another thought is that your fabric is thicker than mine? that could definitely cause it to pucker more and not allow the elastic to ruffle it as much. i used a thin cotton, which allowed it to ruffle without puckering, while still giving me plenty of room to walk and freely move my legs.

thanks for the tip. I am going to try smaller stitches. I used 100% cotton so maybe that it the problem. Should I try thinner fabric?

Found this tutorial through Pinterest. I loved it so much that I even gave it a try, read about it on my blog (I linked to you on there): thepolkadotsweater.blogspot.comThanks for such a nice tutorial. Have a great week!

Did you cut the skirt (long) at an angle?? The first skirt I made I wrapped it followed all the instructions and was huge around my waist even with the elastic, then the second skirt I cut in more but is almost too tight around my legs.. is it supposed to be really big and the belt hold it up? I wanted to just do the long skirt without the tank so I could wear with different tops!

this is too much fun for my eyes! cant wait looks good

i did not cut the skirt at an angle. it is supposed to be big on the bottom to give you room to move and walk, but once the elastic thread is used on the top of the skirt, it bunches it up enough to fit around waist.

I am loving this dress I am definatly going to try it. I wondered though, I do not wear tank tops, would it loo bad to use a cute fitted T? I also had a suggestion about just making the skirt, I was looking at a circle skirt earlier today, it uses a wide elastic to make the waist fit, I think this same elastic would work to make this dress into a skirt or even to create an attached belt between the tank and skirt instead of the wrap you used. If anyone tries it let me know how it works. I also wanted to know if you made that other skirt you showed at the end of this tutorial? It is also very cute!

I made the cuff used 1/8 inch elastic and it worked beautifully!!!!! Great dress 2 down 5 to go! Giving them as Christmas gifts will finish the hems after they open them!!!!

You have an awesome tutorial. I made my very own and LOVE it! Thanks so much!

I absolutely love this. Do you think it would look okay on a plus sized girl?

i LOVE this dress! WOW! You should sell them!! (Cause I want to buy one)!

I absolutely LOVE this!! I want to make one myself now! I really think you should sell them because I would definitely buy one!

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I just took an old dress that was about to go to goodwill and gave it new life in my closet with a shrunken tank. Thank you thank you!

p.s. I just used a zig zag stitch with my normal thread and it worked perfect. Granted both fabrics were stretch.

@Fashionbable Muslimah.. Imani:it looks great!!! thanks so much for stopping back in to show me!

This is a well written tutorial and I love how you styled the dresses after! Thanks so much ( found you via interest)

I just found your dress on pinterest and I can NOT wait to run to the fabric store tonight to create one myself. Thank you so much!!!!!

Love it! Question: Does it have to be a ribbed tank? Have you tried the skirt yet?

Ok thats awesome! And the material you used for the long skirt was just regular cotton?? That is shocking! it looks almost like silk.